Find Your Happy Place


I am not only a mom, a wife or an employee, I am also a person who seek for a new and exciting adventures. Who would have thought that climbing a mountain will be one of so many places that I will enjoy the most. It was like finding your happy place.
I have to admit it is not always fun. It is tiring, sometimes exhausting, sometimes you will end up asking yourself “Why am I doing this?” The answer to that will be “because I just want to break free” Here, i do not have to worry about what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner because someone will do it for us. Haha. Seriously, I feel I am back to being single and that there’s nothing I have to worry about. No kids around asking for a lot of things but i missed them a lot. The higher I get, the more i miss them. Here there is no internet. You were actually talking to real people. You were interacting with each other. Here, It’s just me and the trees, the ground, the grass, even the clouds. Which we don’t usually get in the city.


It was like a breath of fresh air
And when I made it to the top, I just wanted to keep quiet and enjoy the moment. I did it! The long walk is over (for now) I can just stare at the beautiful view like the sun just coming out, or the clouds touching your feet, or the wide view of the mountain you just climb.


It was all worth it.

It was amazing.

It was fulfilling.
So, I guess you should believe that your world should not stop when you become a wife and a mom.
Find your happy place.