What stocks to buy

Everything will be okay. That’s what I’ve been telling myself lately.

Yesterday my loss in stock market is around Php 4,600. I started to worry. What am I going to do if the price of the stock I bought did not get any higher? What If I lose more money in the next few days instead of earning more? The reason why I invested it is to earn more so I can add it up to the tuition fee that I have to pay for my children’s education. Today before Elmo and I go to his OT session I open the computer and check my portfolio. My loss is now down to Php 2,300.00. It means price is up today. More trading is happening I guess. I hope it gets better everyday. I wish i knew from the start which stocks to buy, when to buy and when to sell. It is truly important you get help from the experts. Click here to learn more about what stocks to buy and when to sell.

About a week ago Elmo did not know how to sit still, how to match the same color, or how to say yes, but yesterday when I try to do what her therapist ask me to do with Elmo, he was getting it all very well. He was matching same color, same letter and same shapes. He is now saying yes to a question. Now he wanted to go immediately inside his teacher’s room, I told him NO and ask him to sit still and count 1-10, then he did. Now, I peek in his classroom to see how the kids are doing. Everyone was dancing and singing. Everyone is following the teacher’s actions including Elmo! You see, it helps when you get help from an expert.

I guess there is nothing to worry about.

Today was definitely better than yesterday.

Just like my stocks

Just like my Elmo

Click to learn more about stock investing and avoid losing your money in the stock market.



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